[DAY 2] Naked, Supernatural, and Ailee


As I was getting ready for the day this morning, I noticed that my under eye bags were no joke. I felt like they were sagging down to my jaw! I am not usually so sensitive about my appearance but today was a special day and I needed to look my best. Luckily, I have makeup guru “xteener” saved as a favorite on my laptop and knew exactly which YouTube video of hers to look for. In just 7 minutes my skin was looking flawless (as pictured above ^_^) and it was all thanks to xteener and my 3 favorite Urban Decay products from their NAKED line. Featured above is the original Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette, Urban Decay Naked Basics, and Urban Decay Naked beauty balm. I popped in some dark circle lenses, used a teardrop liner for my lids and “just bitten” lip gloss and “Voila!” I didn’t realize until today, however, that YouTube has become my number one source for looking up makeup fixes and techniques. Actually, YouTube is also my number one source for finding new music to listen to. I have a YouTube app on my phone, a YouTube app on my TV, and a YouTube app on my tablet. It is also what takes up the most data usage on my cellphone as well. Interesting. I can’t count how many YouTube video links are thrown up on my facebook notifications everyday either. It has become so easy for “normal” people to become “famous” thanks to YouTube and it’s reaches worldwide. Even I have my own YouTube cover channel with 3,200 subscribers and over a million views. 



After a very exhausting day of running around and meeting several different friends for brunch, lunch, and dinner dates; I finally got to sit down and do something I have been longing to do since this past Fall. Catching up on Supernatural Season 8.  So, in the last season, Sam and Dean fought to save Castiel by sending all Leviathan back to purgatory. However, Dean and Castiel were both caught in the spell and were both transported to purgatory as well. I was able to catch the first two episodes of Season 8 and was not surprised to find that Sam (Dean’s little brother) decided to retire from hunting after a year has gone by with Dean and Castiel gone. This seems to be a recurring theme with the Winchester boys as I recall, because Dean also tried to retire from hunting in an earlier season, found himself a woman and played house for the year that Sam was sent to Hell with Michael and Lucifer. Of course, this retirement only lasts until the lost brother returns. What I have found interesting in Season 8 is Dean’s escape from purgatory with a vampire named Benny (who has a sultry southern Louisiana drawl). Again, it seems like this is all about good versus evil. Prophets are being stalked and kidnapped by demons, Crowley (his lordship of Hell) is back to his old torturing tricks, and the Angels are powerless. Supernatural sure has a terrible view of the “warriors of God’ because Angels have definitely degenerated in the last 2-3 seasons. Michael resurrects Lucifer from Hell because he wants retribution, Castiel gets the power of God only to go on a religious rampage and kills off thousands of Angels he has deemed unworthy, and Heaven itself has ceased to exist and is as unreachable by the Angels as it is to humans. God this entire last 4 seasons has been MIA or rather nonexistent (although Castiel keeps claiming he (God) really does exist… in the show.)  As I’ve said in my earlier Day 1 post, I am a lover of the supernatural in movies, books, and television. I am NOT a lover of investigating the supernatural, however. That stuff scares me. It is just better for me to live vicariously through the lives of the characters and become invested in their stories. The magic of television, I adore it!



“You’re gonna be my love. No other girl can love, anyone as much as I love you. I don’t care about the things you have or what you do.” I just wrote these lyrics for my English cover of Korean pop artist Ailee’s new song, “My Love.” I try to keep the lyrics I write as close to the original translation as I can. This keeps my fans happy because they usually familiarize themselves with the original song and its meaning in its original language.  I wrote earlier about how everyone is able to achieve some level (albeit mine is a very low level) of popularity on YouTube because of its reaches worldwide. Well, I get my five minutes of fame through covering Korean pop songs rewritten in English by me on my YouTube channel. I love singing. Singing is a passion for me but I know that I do not have the drive nor the talent to become a real celebrity SO I am a little YouTube celebrity set with fans that ask for more covers (I have even received gifts and have given out autographs by request LOL) and advertising companies that want me to flash their online ads. Social media places such as facebook and YouTube help people feel that there are other people in the world who care about the things we do and help to give our lives more meaning. I am always happy to get messages and read comments from my subscribers. I respond to most to show that I really do care for their support and kind words and it also helps me to feel a certain level of importance that people are waiting to hear me perform. Sometimes, I even perform live online with special groups that video conference with me. I am thankful for YouTube because I can reach people an ocean away and expose myself to other cultures and languages. Instead of being pessimistic about how technology has ruled our lives, I think it would be better to focus on the good that it does for us instead.


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